Life Insurance FAQs

If you have questions about life insurance, you are in good company. Most people don’t know a lot about life insurance, which makes it difficult when it comes to make sure you have what you need. At Commerce Insurance Agency, serving the greater Commerce, GA community, we are a locally owned independent insurance agency that puts our customers’ needs first. 

Life Insurance FAQs

How much life insurance is enough?

There is no one amount of life insurance that is right for everyone. Life insurance needs to be personalized to you and your situation. If you are young and unmarried or retired on a fixed income, you will have different life insurance needs than someone who has a young family. The amount of life insurance you need is the amount that will keep your family financially secure if you are not there to provide your income. 

Can a life insurance policy be canceled?

Yes, life insurance policies can be canceled. The most common reason that a policy is canceled is the nonpayment of the premium. If you are going through financial difficulties, contact your insurance carrier and try to work out a deal that will allow you to keep your protection. Another reason for cancelation is not being truthful on your life insurance application. 

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is life insurance that has a term. It lasts for a predetermined amount of time and at the end of that time, the policy ends. When choosing term life insurance, make sure that the term is long enough to offer you protection when you need it most. 

Do I need life insurance after I retire?

If someone depends on your income to maintain their lifestyle, then yes, you do need life insurance after you retire. 

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