4 Add-ons to Consider For Your Boat Insurance

If you own a boat in Commerce, GA, there is nothing that beats a cool breeze and warm sun in the water. And given you relish the moments you spend on the water, it’s even prudent to protect you and your boat with boat/watercraft insurance. When you purchase boat insurance from Commerce Insurance Agency, you are assured of a more relaxed time, whether cruising, sailing, or fishing in the water. 

But since boat insurance isn’t mandatory in Georgia, many boaters don’t know much about this insurance. Those that do may think any boat insurance plan will cut it. Well, just like auto or home insurance, boat insurance is broad, and for you to enjoy maximum protection, you need to consider the below add-ons.

  • Medical payments (MedPay) coverage: If you live in America, you must be rife with the fact that medical costs are rising every day. For this reason, it would be catastrophic if you and your passengers suffer injuries from boat accidents and don’t have health insurance. The MedPay coverage covers medical costs for you and your passengers when involved in a boating accident. 
  • Uninsured watercraft insurance: Because boat insurance is optional in Georgia, you are likely to encounter an uninsured boater. If you collide with them, the uninsured watercraft insurance covers injuries and property damage sustained by you.
  • Emergency assistance coverage: Has your car ever stalled away from home? It must have been frustrating. The same can happen while using your boat on the water. However, when you have this insurance plan, you get services like towing, gas delivery, battery loan, and other minor repairs when your boat breaks down in the water. 
  • Special equipment coverage: This coverage evacuates your boat when shipwrecked. It saves you extra costs that you need to incur to remove your boat from the water when involved in an accident.

Are you looking for boat insurance in Commerce, GA? Please contact Commerce Insurance Agency for a personalized quote.