Three signs that you need to make changes to your home insurance

Once you’ve purchased home insurance, you shouldn’t assume that the policy you’ve purchased will be adequate for your property indefinitely. Eventually, you may need to make changes to your coverage.

At Commerce Insurance Agency, we recommend that you update coverage on your home in Commerce, GA in certain situations.

The following are three signs that you need to make some changes to your home insurance policy. 

You have just had a swimming pool added to your property.

A swimming pool on your property can change your coverage needs in numerous ways.

With a swimming pool, you’ll probably want to invest in more liability coverage because swimming pools come along with some injury risk. 

After you’ve added a swimming pool, you may also want to increase the dwelling coverage you have on your policy.

There is a new canine member in your household.

In some cases, a new family dog could change your home insurance needs.

If you have a dog, there is a risk of dog bite injuries that you should consider. Make sure that your insurance company knows about your new pet so that you’re covered for such injuries. 

You’ve had a new room added to your home.

Additions to your home increase your square footage. They also increase the value of your home. Putting an addition on your home changes the replacement cost, so you’ll definitely want to discuss your addition with your home insurance provider. 

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