Is whole life insurance a good investment for a young person?

The younger you are when you invest in life insurance, the better. You’ll be able to lock in better rates as a young healthy person. However, youth and health aren’t the only factors you should consider when it comes to life insurance. Our team at Commerce Insurance Agency knows that life insurance can be confusing to navigate. However, we’re committed to helping Commerce, GA residents explore their options. 

What Is Whole Life Insurance?

Whole life insurance lasts a person’s entire life and pays a death benefit when they die. The death benefit is set aside for your beneficiaries once the initial premium is paid. However, a whole life insurance policy also builds cash value as time passes. However, keep in mind that your policy will take a decade to build any significant cash value. If you have the patience to wait for your policy to build in cash value and want to leave your existing family, and perhaps future family money, whole life insurance may be a good choice.

Is Whole Life Insurance Right for You as a Young Person?

Whole life insurance is expensive. Although you have youth and good health on your side, whole life insurance is still expensive. Plus, it takes years for a policy to build cash value. Whole life insurance is a good investment if you can afford to pay the premiums and have the time and patience to wait for the value of your policy to increase. If you’re young, make enough money, and want to leave your family with a nest egg, it may be a good investment.

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