Three things to know about boat insurance and land risks

One important consideration for boat owners is boat insurance coverage. At Commerce Insurance Agency, we can provide boat owners in Commerce, GA with the insurance solutions they need.

The following are three things to know about boat insurance and land risks for those looking to insure their watercraft.

A boat insurance policy can provide coverage for your boat when it’s not in the water.

As a boat owner, it’s important to be aware of certain land risk limitations that go along with your boat insurance policy. Some policies don’t include any coverage for a boat when it’s out of the water. Other policies may include some coverage.

If your policy doesn’t include coverage for land risks, you should either add this type of coverage or check out coverage possibilities through other types of insurance you carry. 

Land risks include damage to your boat while it’s in storage.

Perhaps you keep your boat in storage for significant portions of the year. It’s important to realize that your boat could become damaged while it’s in storage. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase land risk coverage. 

Auto and home insurance can offer some coverage for land risks. 

You should look into your auto and home insurance policies’ details if you’re concerned about land risks for your boat. A lot of auto and home insurance policies will offer some level of coverage for a boat. 

An auto insurance policy might offer coverage for a boat while it is being towed behind a vehicle. A home insurance policy might offer coverage for a boat that’s being stored on the boat owner’s own property. 

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