What Are The Risks of Not Having Home Insurance?

If you own a home, you have to deal with a lot of costs. Your utilities, homeowners association fees, property taxes, mortgage payments and mortgage insurance, repair and maintenance costs, and others. Therefore, when it comes to home insurance, many people ask themselves: "Do I really need it? What are the risks of not carrying home insurance?" In order to help you answer these questions, Commerce Insurance Agency serving clients in Commerce, GA prepared a list of risks you may face if you decide to skip home insurance: 

It May Be Too Expensive To Fix Your Home

Natural disasters are very common, and they often damage or destroy houses. If you have insurance, you have nothing to worry about because it will cover all the repairs. However, without insurance, you will have to repair or rebuild your home yourself, which could be very expensive. 

Someone Can Get Hurt On Your Property And Sue You

If your neighbor or guest gets hurt on your property while visiting you, they may sue you for everything you are worth, including your house. As a result, you may face litigation fees and pay for their medical bills. 

You May Lose Your Possessions To Burglary

Someone can break into your home and steal your personal belongings. Unfortunately, this type of crime occurs more often than you think. If you do not have home insurance, or you canceled it, your loss will not be covered, and you will have to cover the cost of replacing stolen items yourself. 

If you are shopping for home insurance in Commerce, GA and you are looking for a reliable insurance agency, Commerce Insurance Agency is exactly what you need. We will provide you with the information you need and help you find the insurance policy you deserve. Feel free to visit our website or call us anytime for more information.