What is Gap Auto Insurance from Commerce Insurance Agency

Making Auto Insurance Affordable and High-Quality with Commerce Insurance Agency

We at Commerce Insurance Agency in Commerce, GA, appreciate the complexities of sourcing quality and affordable auto insurance. Many of our clients elect to append gap insurance to their policy, reinforcing their vehicle’s protection against unpredicted occurrences. Allow us to help you integrate gap insurance into your next auto policy.

Under the Hood of Gap Auto Insurance

Gap auto insurance covers the discrepancy between your car’s worth and the amount remaining on your loan or lease. Crucial for people who have leased or financed vehicles with high depreciation rates, gap insurance comes into play when your car is stolen or totaled, and the payout from your regular insurance does not cover your remaining balance.

Dissecting Gap Insurance

Notably, gap auto insurance is generally applicable to total loss instances, not extending to scenarios where your car is damaged but not deemed a total loss. While this additional coverage might slightly bump up your regular car insurance premiums, it can reduce the risk of considerable financial liabilities due to unforeseen accidents. Essentially, gap auto insurance functions to protect you from personally covering outstanding costs if your vehicle is incapacitated. Our seasoned insurance agents are always available to outline your options and assess what works best for your situation.

Commerce Insurance Agency has your Auto Insurance Needs Covered.

At Commerce Insurance Agency, our aim is to provide our clients with comprehensive auto insurance. To learn more about auto insurance and how gap coverage works, contact us today. Our friendly agents are ready and waiting to help!