Does auto insurance cover theft from my vehicle?

If you drive in Commerce, GA, you are required to be able to prove financial responsibility by showing insurance if you are in an accident.  With minimum coverage, you only have liability insurance.

Liability insurance is only for the other drivers’ and passengers’ injuries and damages and will not provide any coverage for you. You will need to add additional coverage if you want protection for yourself. Commerce Insurance Agency can help you explore different kinds of coverage, so you can decide what is right for you.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is the only kind of auto insurance that covers theft from your vehicle. This coverage is optional and protects your car parts and your car itself. Personal items like cell phones and laptops are probably covered under your homeowners or renters insurance. 

Comprehensive coverage also protects you from other kinds of non-collision damage, such as vandalism, fire, encounters with animals, and acts of nature. If a tree falls on your car, it’s your comprehensive coverage that will cover the damages.

Collision Insurance

If you are worried about the fact that liability insurance doesn’t protect you, you may want to look into carrying collision insurance. Collision coverage will pay for the damages to your vehicle, no matter who was at fault. 

If you drive an expensive vehicle, you may benefit from collision coverage even if the other driver caused the accident. If the other driver only had the minimum coverage, your collision coverage can help to pay the difference.

Call Today To Discuss Your Coverage

If you still owe money on your vehicle, your lender probably requires full coverage, which will include comprehensive and collision coverage. If you would like to discuss your Commerce, GA auto insurance, feel free to call Commerce Insurance Agency today.