How proper tree maintenance can help protect your Commerce area home

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Protect your home from tree damage with proper maintenance practices

If your home is damaged by a tree, the cause of the incident can determine if the damage is covered by your homeowner’s policy. When it comes to tree damage, there are some instances that are typically covered and some that usually aren’t covered. 

For example, if lightning strikes a tree on your property and it falls and causes damage to your home, the damage will likely be covered. But, if the trees on your property aren’t properly maintained and a branch falls due to neglect and damages your home, it will be highly unlikely that your homeowner’s policy will cover that damage. And, if a neighbor’s tree falls onto your property, causing damage, your insurance carrier probably won’t cover the damage but will pursue coverage from your neighbor’s insurance company. 

Properly maintaining all of the trees on your property can help to ensure that any damage that they may cause due to unforeseen circumstances will be covered. No one wants to have to come out of pocket to pay for damage that can be easily avoided. This is especially true of tree damage because proper maintenance can prevent it from happening. 

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