Common Gaps in Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is easy to ignore, neglect, or even completely forget about. Many homeowners have had the same policy since they purchased their homes. They may pay premiums through escrow with house payments and taxes. If they haven’t had a claim, the policy may have stayed tucked away for years.

In the meantime, there may be gaps that develop in coverage or unsecured areas that need attention. Commerce Insurance Agency in Commerce, GA would like to remind you of potential gaps or neglected areas in your home insurance coverage.

Common Gaps in Homeowners Insurance

Dwelling Costs

Coverage can be lacking due to inflation, major home improvements, and rising values in your neighborhood. Check to make sure your coverage will cover the current replacement costs of your dwelling.

Flood Damage

Flood insurance is not generally included in most base homeowners’ insurance policies. Climate change, construction, and rising waters may make flood coverage prudent now.


Have you recently acquired a dog? Dogs can be a liability issue that may not be covered under the terms of your current policy.

Contents and Collectible Limits

The contents of your home are usually covered for a certain percentage of your dwelling value. Through the years, these contents or valuable collections may exceed those limits. It may be time for an insurance review.

Update Your Home’s Inventory

It may be time to video the contents of your home, including drawers, closets, and cabinets. Keeping an updated inventory is a good way to ensure there are no gaps in any filed claims for losses.

Get a Home Insurance Review

If you don’t recall the last time you reviewed your home insurance, it is time for a review. We can even provide a no-obligation price quote.

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Our team can not only review your present coverage but provide a price quote for updated coverage. Make sure the gaps are closed and neglected areas in your home insurance are addressed. Reach out to us at Commerce Insurance Agency in Commerce, GA. Get the coverage you deserve today.