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Commerce Insurance Agency is your one-stop-shop for auto, home, commercial, life, and flood insurance. We proudly provide insurance solutions to the residents and business owners in the state of Georgia, and we look forward to helping you understand your insurance options.

Auto Insurance

You need an active auto insurance policy if you plan on operating a motor vehicle in the state of Georgia. You must have an auto insurance policy that carries the state's minimum coverage. If you would like to add additional coverage, such as comprehensive coverage, you can. The added coverage gives you peace of mind, just in case you're involved in an accident.

Home Insurance

Home insurance is not required by law in Georgia, but it's a good type of insurance to have. This type of insurance is excellent for providing coverage for your home and other dwellings that are not attached to your home, such as a garage, in the event it is damaged or destroyed. Home insurance protects your personal property and handles the medical expenses for guests that are injured in your home. Personal liability coverage is also a part of home insurance coverage. If you are held responsible for damaging someone's property or injuring someone, your home insurance policy can help with the expenses.

Commercial Insurance

If you're a business owner in Georgia, you are required to have an active commercial insurance policy. In the peach state, commercial insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, data loss, and personal injury.

If someone is hurt while on your commercial property, then you are legally responsible for their medical bills.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is another type of insurance that is not required by the state of Georgia, but it provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind. In the event of your death, your family will be able to maintain a living and pay for unforeseen expenses without having to figure out how everything will be paid.

Flood Insurance

The state of Georgia does not require its residents to maintain an active flood insurance policy, but it is beneficial in different ways. This type of insurance protects your property and keeps your loved ones safe in the event of a flood when it comes to disaster relief efforts. Flood insurance increases your home's value and is easy to obtain.

At Commerce Insurance Agency, we provide reliable insurance solutions for the residents and business owners of Commerce, GA, and surrounding areas. Contact us so that we can help you choose the best insurance solutions for your unique needs.